Grandkids are a Blessing...

This summer, I enjoyed another GlammaWeek with my (2) oldest grandchildren. Every summer, I like to keep them for one week and:

  • love on them

  • provide a full week of cousin-time (they're at each other's necks by the end of the week though, lol!)

  • make summer memories

  • give their parents a break

I heard it said that "grandkids are the gift you get for not killing your kids!"...ha!, that is so funny. As a grandmother in recovery, I'd like to think that my grandkids are a 2nd chance to parent in a healed state. Grandparents are already naturally more relaxed and patient but for one who may have had to make amends to or perhaps were unable to care for their own, this should not be taken for granted.

Furthermore, as a child I did not experience the love and bond of a grandparent and I never had summer vacations with any. Unfortunately, my children, too, did not have the strong presence of grandparents and they rarely (almost never) spent time with any - - - I never had a week break in the summer. Never! I inquired of my mom a while ago and learned that she didn't really know her grandparents, right?

I feel very very blessed to have my grandchildren in my life! I am not only a person their parents don't mind leaving their precious babies with but also one that gets to break the generational cycle of the absence of a grandparent's love, attention and spoiling! <3

[One of the greatest accomplishments of my RECOVERY, to date, is flying them both to Disney World in December 2019]

This is yet another great benefit of RECOVERY, I get to do what's NEVER been done before by changing the life-course for my children's children's children.

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