INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

During active addiction or periods of sobriety, INSANITY (or just calling us stupid) is meant to encourage us to just-say-no. This is good advice because of it’s truth. You will never and I do mean never, form a healthy & productive relationship/outcome with the use of excessive alcohol, cocaine, heroin, pills, needles, etc. It aint gone happen. Addiction is a disease!

· Tom goes to the bar after work, has 2 beers and calls it a night.

· Tim goes to the bar after work, runs a tab and needs a cab @2am

"We battle with the disease of addiction ~ We are not the same"

By the same token, I feel it is INSANITY that we continue to offer the same types of “treatment” to 2020 addicts and expect different results! Meanwhile, drug use, misuse, abuse and death is steadily increasing…death from both overdose & suicide. Suicide becomes the option after long bouts of INSANITY and the drug failing to deliver relief. ☹

“When the addict starts to be well, we are less likely to risk return to a state of being unwell” – Leslie Ann Wertz


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